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Phoenix Exotic Wildlife Association, Inc. is an organization comprised of exotic animal owners and supporters all over the country. We are a group of very dedicated individuals, and as such we are here to help promote legal, responsible, and ethical ownership of all captive wildlife. Our foremost goal is to help maintain and protect the rights of exotic animal ownership. We work hard to provide resources regarding legislative issues, responsible husbandry, and wildlife management in captivity. Education is key, and we are here to help educate the public, so that legally kept wildlife will flourish in existence well into our future.
Phoenix Exotics works hard to promote responsible ownership through education and public awareness. Many of those that engage in sound management practices actually provide a secure and healthy environment for their animals, as well as emphasize public safety at all times.
We are based in the USA and address concerns within the USA and internationally. We are incorporated in Washington State as a non-profit corporation dedicated to the legal and ethical ownership of exotic animals by private persons with an emphasis on education and safety.

Position Statement

Phoenix Exotic Wildlife Association believes in the right to legal, responsible ownership of exotic animals. It is our position that large exotic felines and potentially dangerous animals should be under the care of experienced and trained individuals who are able to provide a safe, secure environment for these animals and prevent risk to the animal and public.

We are an organization that supports legal and responsible ownership with emphasis on animal welfare issues based on quality care, appropriate caging, and sound husbandry practices.

We advise all potential owners of exotic animals to research their local ordinances, state and federal rules and regulations prior to acquiring an exotic animal. We also strongly encourage potential owners to obtain the necessary training/education and research of selected species prior to taking an animal under their care.

Our Pledge

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