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Care Sheet - Snake

So you’re thinking about getting a snake(or other pet)?


I waited ten years to get a snake and I have really learned a lot during the care for my snakes and I wanted to share everything I learned with you. Some of this will be old information, but hopefully I have at least had something new to share with you. The next paragraph will be all the questions I have leaned need an answer to prior getting a pet. We all know that in reality this won’t happen, but hopefully we can all try.

Do you know how big this pet gets? Do you have a problem feeding other animals to animals? Do you know what diseases they are susceptible too? Do you know a vet that specializes in your choice of pet? Do you know the general maintenance, care and routine vet visits they need? Are you prepared financially for an emergency? How about a plan for a disaster? Do you know the general care and handling? What about the proper nutrients, temperature or nature of this animal?  Do you know how often they need to eat? Have you spent time with this type of animal before? Are you ready to make a commitment for the life span or do you have a plan upon not being able to care for your pet anymore? Do you know how long these animals’ live? Do you know they need attention, love and your time as regularly as possible?

The next bit of information are some safe and excellent preventative solutions to help heal and keep your animal safe.

1. For mites I use mineral oil, I wet my hands put an appropriate amount on may hands and rub it all over the snake. Do you know mineral is ingestible, so it won’t hurt their eyes, the area the mites love?! You can also give them a soak in water and mineral oil for constipation if a plain water soak does not help.

2. For cleaning I used vinegar and water or straight vinegar for cleaning, this also is ingestible and won’t hurt your snakes and cuts back the chance for respiratory infect. Using other heavier cleaning chemicals if needed I make sure the airflow is good and smoking around your animals is not healthy for them or their lungs, best done outside. Remember we all like a choice whether to choose a damaging habit, not nice to force this on them. Another great thing I love to do for them is take them for short walks when the weather is nice, maybe to the mail box or to take out trash, we all love and need a little sun and fresh air.

3. We all know feeding fresh frozen rodents is best for our reptiles, but that is not always possible. So if you ever had your animal bitten or any type of laceration, try soaking them in water and a few drops of beta dine 15 or 20 minutes for a few days and it also helps with other types of skin infections will turn their skin yellow but that fades.

4. If you ever need to rehydrate your reptile putting pedialyte in the water is great for replacing electrolytes and other needed nutrients needed for the optimum hydration.


6. It is also best to house your snakes alone if possible. NEVER put Boa’s and Pythons in the same living environment, Boa’s are carriers of IBD(inclusion body disease) this is like snake aides and there is no cure. It’s best not to mix species until you know for sure it’s safe and know whether this type of animal will eat other animals before you mix them. Quarantining boas should be 6 months and 3 months for pythons.

7. Do you keep records of behaviors, feeding, vet visits? This is so important, and helpful with getting to know when they decide to not eat or have other problems.

8. Do you know where to research information for the pet of your choice? Have you tried volunteering for an animal group who could be supportive of you desires? Getting to know people with the same animals who would allow you to spend time and be there for any questions is the best benefit that I have discovered. How about joining that group and assisting in education for the public and participating in events with this group. It’s fun, educational and you can always make new friends, what more could you ask? The Internet, library and knowledgeable pet stores are great for all kinds of resources.

I hope this article was helpful and I at least gave you one new idea. I have learned a lot through participating in various animal groups, making friends and volunteering.

Written By Jackie Klakken